First Attempt at Home E6 Process

I’ve been processing colour film at home for about a year now, using the Tetenal C-41 kit, and I’ve been really pleased with it, so I decided to try the Tetenal E6 kit. I finally got around to mixing up the chemicals this morning.

In the kit, there is the first developer, colour developer ( in 2 parts),  blix ( bleach+fix, also in 2 parts), and stabiliser solution. I got some collapsible storage containers, to try and help preserve the chemicals for longer.

There is an extra step, compared with C-41 process, and extra rinses, and therefore it was a bit more tricky keeping the temperature constant – I don’t have a rotary processor, so I just heat the chemicals to temperature in a water bath ( bucket) in the kitchen sink. I used an extra bucket filled with water at the correct temp for the rinses in between chemical baths this time.


The entire process took just under 30 minutes, compared with just 10 mins for C-41, so I guess it would make life easier to use some other method of maintaining the temperature, like a Jobo rotary processor, but that’s an expense I can’t afford right now, so hopefully the colour isn’t too far off!

Very pleased to see there are actually images on my…positives ( was about to say negatives!) and I’m looking forward to scanning them later once they’ve dried 🙂